"Neil teaches piano to anyone from child to OAP which I can attest as I started piano lessons with him at the age of 62 two years ago and I generally follow an eight or nine year old's lesson and am followed in my turn by perhaps a seven year old. He deals with his pupils with charm, patience and good humour and is so very generous with his time and flexible in his approach. I for one do not want to do grades but simply want to play some of my favourite songs at a simple standard. He has adapted to Covid by introducing skype lessons which work very well and i would recommend him to anyone "
- David Summers

"I started playing piano at the age of 7 and thanks to Neil's teaching, support and guidance I have recently achieved my goal by passing my Grade 8, with merit. This included Neil helping me to pass the theory at grade 5. Neil has supported me through the last 6 years and I have obtained good results with everything I have tried. He has been very encouraging and will fit the lessons around what I want to achieve and as a result I have become more confident as a musician and in general. In the beginning Neil was just a teacher but he has evolved to be more of a mentor and a friend"
- Hannah aged 13

"Both my daughters are taught by Neil Sharp, he is an amazing teacher and even though we have moved from Ashford to Folkestone we would not change teachers. His encouragement and dedication towards their learning has enabled my daughters to progress from beginners to grades 4 and 5 within 18 months. At present they are working on grades 5 and 6 and are sitting their grade 5 music theory for which he provided additional tuition. For us what is even more of an achievement is the accomplishment of my elder daughter who is deaf, thank you Neil for your professionalism"
- Former pupils

"Mr Sharp has been an inspirational and very patient piano teacher to my 12 year old daughter who has been studying with him for the past 3 years. Over this period, not only has he got her to a Grade 7 standard, but he has helped her to be more confident when playing and vastly improved her knowledge of music, scales rhythm and sight reading. I would, with no doubt, recommend him to any music lover, either a beginner, or an advanced student. He will always go out of his way to accommodate you and your needs"
- Keena Harperflo